This little excursion runs from dolls to  mannequins to androids to sex dolls. The boundaries are fluid; what is common is the interest of artists in this field. It is a field marked by sentimentality, perversion, beauty (‘convulsive’ and otherwise), kitsch and the uncanny. It started for me with Bellmer back in the 60s and resurfaced in the charity shops of Ore with their regular supply of Barbies. It is a way - for the moment - of filling the day. I like to think (grandly) that, like Bellmer it is a way of being ‘useless to the State’. There is “.... an emphasis on the ephemeral that runs against the lofty precepts of ‘productivity’. That is, no matter how busy you might be in this realm, fabricating (or collecting), you are by official measure wasting your time”.

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