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A nice piece of public art. On Hastings pier, on the site of the old ballroom

Eleanor Antin

100 Boots x 4

We might refer to site specificity (50 of them from the West Coast to New York), Californian conceptualism, feminism etc. As well as her role as Diaghilev’s only black ballerina.


AND we might listen to that classic: Nancy Sinatra’s “These boots were made for walking” - on Youtube




Some stalls later, I made just as elective a choice with a large wooden spoon, of peasant fabrication but quite beautiful, it seemed to me, and rather daring in its form, whose handle, when it rested on its convex part, rose from a little shoe that was part of it. I carried it off immediately.....

Some months earlier, inspired by a fragment of a waking sentence, “the Cinderella ashtray” and the temptation I had had for a long time to put into circulation some oneiric and para-oneiric objects, I had asked Giacometti to sculpt for me, according to his own caprice, a little slipper which was to be in principle Cinderella’s lost slipper. I wanted to cast it in glass, even, if I remember rightly, grey glass, and then use it as an ashtray. In spite of my frequent reminders to him of his promise, Giacometti forgot to do it for me. The lack of this slipper, which I really felt, caused me to have a rather long daydream, of which I think there was already a trace in my childhood. I was impatient at not being able to concretely imagine this object, over whose substance there hangs, on top of everything else, the phonic ambiguity of the word “glassy”. On the day of our walk we had not spoken of this for some time.

It was when I got home and placed the spoon on a piece of furniture that I saw it charged with all the associative and interpretive qualities which had remained inactive while I was holding it. It was clearly changing right under my eyes.From the side, a a certain height, the little wood spoon coming out of its handle, took on, with the help of the curvature of the handle, the aspect of a heel and the whole object presented the silhouette of a slipper on tiptoe like those of dancers. Cinderella was certainly returning from the ball! 

As described in ‘L’Amour Fou’ Breton is at the flea market , with Giacometti:

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